1. What is The Residential experience?
The Residential is an original experience designed to be enjoyed at home allowing you to recreate an unforgettable meal with the help of the best Portuguese Chefs, through a livestream that follows and teaches the step-by-step of the preparation, while interacting with the guests, clarifying doubts and sharing secrets for a memorable journey. Our guests receive a customized basket, directly to their doorstep, that will give place to the Chef’s menu – with a premium selection of the best national products, fresh ingredients, paired with stunning wines and the Chef’s secret ingredient.

2. Do I know in advance what comes in my basket?
Yes. Each edition we list in detail all the products that come in basket, including all ingredients and allergens. Discover them here..


2. How can I bookThe Residential experience?
For booking, please choose the Chef & Menu that you desire and guarantee your seat at the table here.

3. How can I pay the experience?
The payment can be made through MBWay, ATM reference or PayPal that gives you the possibility to buy via credit or debit card or via bank transfer (without the need of creating an account).

4. In what language is the experience available?
The Residential website site is available in Portuguese and in English. In an initial stage, the experience is only available in Portuguese, both the live streaming content with the Chefs as well as the products contained in the basket and the information regarding them. However, we create customized experiences for groups and the corporate segment in different languages. Send us an email to

6. Can I offer The Residential experience?
You can offer The Residential experience to anyone of your choice, our team will generate an electronic gift card so that your guest can choose a date in our website and insert the gift code at the checkout. To gift The Residential experience contact us to

7. Can I change my reservation?
Yes, accordingly to the availability of each date, reservations can be altered until 11:59pm of the Wednesday before the event.
We do not refunds.

8. What is the deadline to book an experience?
We receive and confirm reservations up until 11:59pm of the Wednesdays before the event.
If you haven’t booked your reservation in time, you can schedule it for the next date. Reservations


9. Can I choose the delivery period of my basket?
Yes, to maintain products freshness our deliveries occur preferably on the day of the experience.
Delivery times are available to choose from between 9am – 12pm, 12pm – 3pm, 3pm – 6pm.
Occasionally, we may create other delivery times and days, to keep up please see the options available when booking.

10. How can I know that my basket follows DGS safety recommendations?
The Residential was designed by experienced leading teams of the food and catering industry, that make sure that all safety and hygiene protocols recommend by the Portuguese Directorate-General of Health are being strictly followed, as well as all the requirements form the HACCP – Codex Alimentarius

Our dedicated team of logistics prepares each basket at production kitchen certified with the Clean & Safe stamp, a certificate of a healthy and safe operation. As an extra step to guarantee the safety and prevention of all those involved in the process, in order to mitigate potential risks of contagious by asymptomatic patients, all workers are regularly tested for COVID-19.

11. I didn’t receive my basket on the designated time, what should I do?
If you don’t receive your basket on the designated time, please contact us through the phone number at your reservation confirmation email.

12. Does basket delivery takes place across the country?
The delivery of the baskets is guaranteed in the areas of Greater Lisbon and Greater Porto.
If you are not included in the pre-defined areas, ask us about different delivery possibilities through the email


13. I didn’t receive the email with my data for accessing the live transmission, what should I do?
If you didn’t receive the email with data in order to access the livestream please contact us through the phone number presented in your reservation confirmation email.

14. The live stream isn’t working on any of my devices, what should I do?
If you can’t access the live stream, please contact us through the phone number presented in your reservation confirmation email.


15. Can I order back a basket from a previous edition?
Each basket results from a Chef’s curatorship of the best products and ingredients from national producers. Ensuring their freshness from the source to your home is one of our main concerns, along with the optimised use of each ingredient in order to reduce waste. For logistical reasons it is not possible to re-order a basket from a previous edition but you can buy the products that were in it directly from the producer here.

16. Can I have access to the broadcast again?
You can re-watch the videos of the editions in which you participated in your client area.

17. I want to buy one or more products that were part of the basket, can I do it?
You can buy the products directly from their producers here.